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Ear Wax (AKA Cerumen) from: American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Earwax and Care Good intentions to keep ears clean may weaken the ability to hear. The ear is a delicate and intricate body part, including the skin of the ear canal and the eardrum. Therefore, special care should be given to this part of the body. Start by discontinuing the habit of inserting cotton-tipped applicators or other objects into the ear canals. WHY DOES THE BODY PRODUCE EARWAX? Cerumen or earwax is healthy in normal amounts and serves as a self-cleaning agent with protective, lubricating, and antibacterial properties. The absence of earwax may result in dry, itchy ears. Self-cleaning means there is a ...

Normal Hearing vs. Abnormal Hearing

Great illustration of normal hearing vs. impaired hearing by an Australian clinic. Take a look! CLICK HERE

Ear Candeling

Every now and again, patients ask me about or tell me about "Ear Candling". And every time my answer is NO! Don't do it! Save your money. Here's what Health Canada thinks about it.    

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